Here are some of the many testimonials that Andrew, The Golf Hypnotist, has received from clients he has helped with Golf Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP in personal consultations and with his self-hypnosis MP3 recordings:

“Andrew Fogg is a tremendously talented hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. He has a ready wit, a welcoming manner and a way about him that I enjoy and that you sense upon initial contact. He also has a depth and breadth of knowledge, a skill set and wide range of experience that is rare among people like him. What’s more, if I were going to learn how to improve my golf game… Andrew is the one man I’d go and see! I thoroughly recommend him.”

Adam Eason
Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Author of The Secrets of Self Hypnosis & The Hypnotic Salesman

John Patota – Pinehurst, North Carolina

“Thank you for the download. I’ve done some hypnotic work over my 67 years on the planet — your voice and delivery lets me drop into an attentive state effortlessly.”

Joel Farley – USA

“Andrew is a special talent. He has a unique knack for bringing out the best in you and his altruism is beyond compare. He also possesses an uplifting sense of humour and wonderful, ready wit. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

Derek Palmer
Financial Planning Consultant

“I have to admit I didn’t think there was anything to hypnosis. Boy was I surprised, it really does work. Now the only problem I’m having is I don’t want anyone else to know what is going on with my game. There has been great difference in my scores. The first time out with listening to your program I shot even par on the first nine & didn’t use it on the second & shot 10 over. Now what I’d like for you to know is that I’m a 18 handicap.(or was an 18 at the time) I now shoot lower 80″s (81/83). What a game improvement. I have people ask me what I’ve done with my game & I’ve been telling them I changed my swing.(which is not a total lie) I can’t wait to read your new book. Many thanks & I continue to listen to the Virtual Caddy program. I am just delighted that you’ve made my game improve to a new high, and to think this is just the start. The more I use the program the more it helps improve my game. Now as for my friends, I’ll let them know about the virtual caddy but not right now.”

George Stinnett – Kentucky, USA

“Andrew has an absolute wonderful wealth of knowledge of his skill set, a knowledge that he is very happy to share within the therapeutic process. He has a passion for everything he does and this comes across easily and naturally. My life has been enhanced by knowing Andrew.

Catherine Young, Hypnotherapist.

“I am firmly convinced of the benefits of the “Your Own Virtual Caddy” golf hypnosis programme. The ‘collected mind’ enabled me to recover within a hole or two on two consecutive rounds recently where normally I would have blown it. Finishing with plus 3 in a par round and 42 Stableford points in another. I have used the first 5-10 minutes of the MP3 as a pre-match routine with excellent results. The best effect is the relaxation between shots, good or bad, hence a much more enjoyable round, thank you.”

Tom Cleland – Melbourne, Australia

“Andrew Fogg is a very special person. He has a depth and breadth of knowledge of hypnosis and NLP that has been achieved over many years of study and that has been honed to perfection. He is a master of his game and when you consult with him you gain the opportunity to become master of yours, too. He has a wonderful style of delivery and I know when you choose Andrew as your Golf Psychologist and hypnotherapist you will be glad you did that.”

Angela Ford D.Hyp, Dip.CP
Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor

“Just a quick note to let you know that I have been using YOVC. The biggest difference I found is when I drop a shot or play a bad shot or miss an easy putt. I find myself whistling and feel really relaxed instead of getting angry and of course making more bad shots. It just happens without thinking and I start to whistle. It made me laugh when I actually stopped to think about it. I usually listen to YOVC in bed before my next round of golf and also on the morning of my round.”

William Palmer – Australia

“As a golf psychologist and hypnotherapist, Andrew’s knowledge and interest in the world of golf is fascinating. He has a gentle but effective approach towards his therapeutic work with his clients helping them to produce positive results. Andrew is a great resource and if I wanted to reach my full potential in my sport (especially golf) I would certainly contact him knowing that with his help I would reach my desired outcome”.

Tom Smith BSc (Hons)
Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.