Best General Practice for Better Golf


This is my third blog post in this series and today I’m addressing the subject of Best General Practice for Better Golf.

Dreamy Golf Hypnosis

I feel that it’s best to think of and use your general practice time as an opportunity to rehearse every aspect of your physical and mental game in a controlled environment. On the golf course, success is only really measured by what’s written on your score card, not by the quality of your shot making and your mental game. On the practice tee and green, we have the opportunity to measure every shot objectively and precisely, using feedback from cameras, coaches, shot monitors, alignment tools, etc.

So what I’m talking about here is:

· Rehearsing “real” rounds of golf

  • thinking about the courses you plan to play
  • considering all the likely pin positions on each green
  • thinking about the ideal position to be hitting your first putt from
  • deciding on the best place to land the ball for those pin positions, allowing for contours and balancing risks
  • choosing the best possible position and distance to hit each of those possible approach shots from – where on the fairway or which side of the tee
  • deciding on how to get the ball into your ideal positions on the fairway.

· Simulating playing those “real” rounds of golf

  • playing each rehearsal shot, each practice swing, in turn using the clubs and shots you’ve decided on
  • using your pre-shot, shot and post-shot routines on very shot.

· Enhancing your post-shot routine by taking advantage of all possible feedback information.

· Walking away and taking your time between shots, so that you take an hour or more to hit a bucket of 60 balls.

· Making every shot count – just like you do in a real round of golf.

· Practicing your putting and chipping with one ball.

And don’t forget that you can extend all this using hypnosis to imagine stepping into the shoes of any golfer you admire to Learn Better Golf with Your Golfing Heroes.

In my next Golf Hypnotist blog post, I’ll continue this series with part 4, “Best Mental Practice for Better Golf”.

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