Best Mental Practice for Better Golf


In this fourth blog post in the series on practice, I’ll be talking about Best Mental Practice for Better Golf, a favourite subject of mine – for obvious reasons.

Mental Practice

Research shows that the act of “Imagining” yourself doing something fires up the identical parts of the brain that would be activated if you were actually doing it. So if you’re imagining yourself playing golf, the neurons you’re using in your brain are the very same ones that you’re using when you’re physically playing the game. Indeed, some of the actual muscles involved in playing a real shot are activated and make the same movements at a barely noticeable level. You really do “physically” practice your swing when you imagine hitting the ball and you have no reason to hit a bad shot when you’re practicing and playing in your imagination.

This means that if you can augment your physical practice by using your mind to follow the same suggestions that I gave you earlier for best general practice between rounds. Find a quiet, comfortable relaxing place and let your imagination run free. You can use the Finger Breathing technique as an easy way to achieve a good state of relaxation.

If you want to take this even further, then why not have a look at my Better Golf with Less Practice hypnosis audio programme. It includes hypnosis sessions for Playing Golf in Your Mind, Practicing Golf in Your Mind and Playing Golf in Your Dreams.

In my next Golf Hypnotist blog post, I’ll continue this series on Best Practice for Better Golf with part 5, “Best Practice Rounds for Better Golf”.


  1. Andrew Fogg says:

    Thank you Howard,

    I’m delighted that you liked the article on Finger Breathing. It’s a great technique to learn, as once you master the technique, all it will take is a couple of deep breaths out on the course to take yourself into a wonderful state of confident relaxation and preparedness. And you don’t have to limit its use just to your golf!



  2. howard evans says:

    Fantastic article – finger breathing. I felt really relaxed just reading the text.

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