Course management and mental golf mean more than a good golf swing


Not long after I wrote my article about how "Technically perfect golf does not always win over good mental golf", a couple of weeks ago, I came across a YouTube video that graphically demonstrates what I was talking about. My earlier article talked about golfers with pretty conventional swings making the best of their all round technical skills with their strengths in the areas of golf psychology. This video demonstrates how golfers with less than conventional swings can achieve a seriously high level of golfing success.

The video includes the swings of 16 golfers ranging from the sublimely mild eccentricity of Seve Ballesteros – who I don’t think deserves to be on the video – through the extremes of Eamonn Darcy, Jim Furyk, John Daly and Raymond Floyd to truly outrageous lunge of Charles Barkley – an odd one out in this list of top class golfers.

YouTube Preview Image

The key thing about all of these golfers and their far from perfect golf swings is that through golf psychology and the strengths of their golf mind and their great course management, they’re all consistent golf tournament winners – except of course for Charles Barkley!


  1. Hi There Golfhypnotist,
    Thanks, on a related note, Tips about: course management, shot selection, mental game, how to score better….

    I have one:
    Don’t get technical when playing golf. Envision you shot, make it happen, have confidence. Working on swings, and technical stuff is for the range.

    Nice One!

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