Firework Induction


Note: Make sure that the client is neither uncomfortable nor called Catherine, before using this induction!

Make yourself comfortable now; with both feet flat on the ground and just separate your hands, hands apart left and right. And let them lie loosely on your legs or on the arms of your chair. It’s better if your legs are uncrossed, but it doesn’t matter if you feel the need to move slightly, now and again. You don’t have to be absolutely still. You’re feeling comfortable now.

Now take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment, before releasing it slowly. That’s good.

Now focus your concentration on a real or imaginary point on the wall in front of you and, I don’t know if you will close your eyes now or in a few moments, but when you do, just keep listening quietly to my voice and continue to imagine that point on the wall. You’ll be aware of other sounds too; the sounds inside the building, sounds from outside the building, maybe passing traffic, but those won’t disturb you, because, in fact, they will help you to relax more now. You may even find that your mind wanders from time to time and that’s fine, and wherever it wanders, my voice will go with you and travel along with you.

Now imagine that imaginary point on the wall as the centre of a large Catherine Wheel. It’s spinning faster and faster and showering out multi-coloured sparks in all directions, safely and well away from you. In your mind, hear the crackling and whooshing sounds of the Catherine Wheel and even imagine smell of the firework, a smell that probably takes you back to bonfire night in your childhood. And remember all the good feelings from that experience. That’s good.

Now in a moment, imagine the Catherine Wheel slowing down, slower and slower, as you get more and more absorbed in the moment and deeper and deeper into a wonderful relaxed state. The slower it spins, the deeper you relax. As the sparks from the Catherine Wheel diminish, you will feel more and more relaxed, calm and happy, while the firework just spins silently now, now silently.

And as the light from the Catherine Wheel disappears you feel more and more contented, calm, relaxed and comfortable, because when the wheel finally stops, now, you will relax into the deepest most wonderful feeling of deep hypnosis, as the memory of the Catherine Wheel spins slowly in the back of your mind, you are as relaxed as you’ve ever been.

That’s good…

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