Golf hypnosis homework for better golf practice on the course


How do you get effective competitive golf practice when you play golf on your own? This is a problem facing many of my clients. For a variety of perfectly good reasons, many of my clients play a lot of practice rounds of golf on their own, perhaps grabbing a few holes when they get home from work or when they might otherwise be just raking balls on the driving range.

Now, I’ve been writing an article today for the next edition of my Golf Hypnotist Ezine and it reminded me that many of my clients prefer to play on their own when they’re working on their game. They often find it embarrassing to play with someone else when they’re integrating a new swing idea from their golf pro or working on a golf psychology homework task I’ve given them. It also reminded me that I have another homework task that’s just perfect for any situation where you’re playing on your own.

So the next time you are out playing on your own, whether it’s for a full round or just a few holes, try one of these homework tasks I sometimes give my golf hypnosis clients.

  1. If you can only play one ball, imagine you are playing as one of your golfing heroes. It could be Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sörenstam or perhaps just you playing to the best of your capabilities – it’s your choice. Take on all the mannerisms of your role model and imagine how they would be thinking and what they would be seeing, hearing and feeling.
  1. If you’re allowed to play 2 balls around your course, then do the same as one, but imagine you’re one role model for one ball and a different role model for the other. Keep score and see which persona has the best score – you may learn something here. It could be interesting to play as Tiger Woods with one ball and Phil Mickelson with the other. Although I wouldn’t recommend playing left handed if you’re right handed!

If you’re not really sure exactly who you want to model, then try modelling a number of different players. Over a period of a couple of weeks, you should be able to identify the one who helps you the most.

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