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Overcome Fear – Confidently on the Golf Course

Fear on the golf course can come in many shapes and sizes and it can result in a multitude of problems. Although you’re born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise, according to Richard Bandler the creator of NLP, everything else that makes us nervous, anxious and downright afraid we learn and build up throughout our life.

This applies just as much to our golfing lives. People can and often do experience fear, anxiety and nervousness over things that may embarrass them, upset them or distract them. Now, fear of anything has to be based on past experience, real or imagined, and its influence on the future. A player who’s afraid of getting a bad bounce or mishitting a particular he’s about to make, maybe shanking, yipping or hitting some other disastrous shot, is probably thinking about a similar shot he’s mishit in the past. It doesn’t even have to be a bad shot he’s actually hit himself, it could be one he’s imagined or seen someone else play. If you see a playing partner shank a shot, even if you’ve never hit one before yourself, you can start worrying about the possibility that you might hits a shank yourself. Many people are more nervous about holing a three foot putt after the see someone else miss one of a similar length.

People can also be afraid of being watched by other players or spectators; you only have to think about first-tee nerves, and external distractions. I was watching a professional event on television only the other day and saw a player going wild about a photographer 30 yards away who clicked his camera at an inappropriate time. However, that same player didn’t seem to be distracted at all by the much louder sounds coming from the traffic nearby, airplanes flying overhead and the frequent and deafening horn blasts from the nearby rail marshalling yard.

Have you noticed how certain players seem to do well on particular courses? How many of the top professionals on the PGA Tour seem to come in the top 10, year after year in the same event? Unfortunately the same thing works in reverse and I’ve worked with many clients who regularly play badly on particular courses and holes. Others are nervous or hesitant when they have to hit certain types of shots. I’m thinking here of people who are afraid of hitting over water or out of a bunker. The list of possible fears on the golf course is only limited by people’s seemingly limitless imagination.

So what’s included in Confident Golf – Free From Fear?

Well, I’ve included three long and powerful freestanding golf hypnosis sessions to help you to turn your fears into golfing confidence, to allow you to play fear free golf and to build an unconscious process to motivate you through your fears to play confident golf automatically.

Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence – Hypnosis Session

I started playing golf back in 1968, when Jack Nicklaus at the peak of his game and rapidly becoming the greatest player of all time. So it’s no surprise that his book, “The Greatest Game of All, My Life in Golf” was my golfing “bible”. In the book, Jack talked about his win at the 1967 US Open at Baltusrol and described how he was almost overcome by nerves after bogeying the tenth hole in the final round. He calmed himself down and went on to win with a record score by telling himself, “Here you are, starting to get afraid of winning the Open. You’re leading by 3 strokes with 8 holes to go. You’ve obviously played well or you wouldn’t be in this position. You’re still playing well. You’re doing something you enjoy, so enjoy it.”

Given the title, you won’t be surprised to hear that I designed the “Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence” hypnosis session to build you a powerful resource of calm, quiet confidence to help you to turn any fear, anxiety or nervousness into confidence on the golf course.

Fear-Free Golf – Hypnosis Session

The second golf hypnosis track, “Fear-Free Golf”, uses the power of your imagination to build an automatic, systematic and unconscious process to cycle through and eliminate all those old fears, nervousness and anxieties you’ve ever experienced, seen or imagined in your golfing past.

Motivation to Confident Golf – Hypnosis Session

Just as Jack Nicklaus talked about enjoying the pressure of competition, Padraig Harrington talks about acknowledging and even welcoming the pressure he’s under when he’s in contention. Here’s what he said when he was playing at his best and in the leading group the evening before going into the final round at a major championship, “It’s just another game of golf, go out there and approach it the right way. Another game of golf in contention, which is what it’s all about, getting up in the morning tomorrow there will be butterflies, and that’s why I play this game, it’s that sort of nervous tension that you always want.”

Motivation to Confident Golf, the third golf hypnosis session in this programme, helps you to progressively build a library of powerful resources and experiences. Your unconscious mind then automatically calls on these resources whenever you are under pressure or experiencing one of your old fears. As a result you unconsciously turn your old fears into Motivation to Confident

Overcome Fear
MP3 Download

£29.99 (approx.$39.99)