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Step into the Shoes of your Golfing Heroes

Learn Better Golf from your Personal Golf Hall of Fame

By observing other players, especially the leading professionals and their day to day mind coaches – their caddies, you can learn from them to improve your own game. You can also learn from watching yourself hitting your best shots.

When you watch the top professionals, maybe your golfing heroes, on TV, it’s easy to get absorbed in the way they swing, particularly if you have the volume turned down to protect you from the frequently negative comments and the ooh’s and ahs of the crowd. You can get the same experience live by watching your favourite players on the practice days before a big tournament, when the crowds are often much smaller and quieter. You can even use some sort of self-hypnosis or relaxation technique to eliminate all the conscious distractions.

Whichever way you do it, notice how you can some sort of sensation or feel in your own muscles for how the pro’s are swinging. Your muscles will make micro movements without you actually swinging. Research has shown that the brain and nervous system activates the same circuitry when making these micro muscle movements as actual movements.

This process is part of the modelling experience that’s at the foundation of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This modelling of the physical swing process is also excellent for your golf practice. There’s a lot more about that in my golf hypnosis programme for Playing Better Golf with Less Practice.

Remembering good shots from your past can help you to recover your lost swing feelings and, even if you can’t fully remember an exact model shot from your past, you can still imagine one that you might have hit. Your unconscious has the ability to generalise your past experiences to do its best to recreate the shot you imagined. So why not imagine how your role model thinks, plans and executes each shot.

Coming back to the modelling process we’ll be using in this programme, it’s closely linked to new scientific discoveries about the existence and workings of mirror neurons in the human brain. Now I’m not a neuroscientist, but it seems that neuroscience has discovered that these are actual neurological structures in the nervous system. Mirror neurons start working when a person is some sensing watching physical aspect of another person’s behaviour.

Although mirror neurons and they way the work are relatively new to science, their effects have been experienced by top golfers for as long as golf has been played. Now you may have heard that my golfing hero when I started paying in the late 1960s was Jack Nicklaus and I initially modelled my own swing on his. Imagine my surprise at reading a quote from Jack talking about how he had at one time modelled his swing on the likes of Sam Snead and Ben Hogan. Jack was quoted as saying, “As with Snead, watching Hogan’s swing sort of stuck with me, and I played like Hogan, or thought I did, for most of that summer, trying to take my left side and keep it ahead of my right and never let it catch up. To me, Hogan looked like he played that way, and I tried to imitate that, kids do those kinds of things. He was always an inspiration to me every time I watched him hit golf balls. I never got tired of watching Hogan play or even just practice”.

So what’s included in Learn from your Golfing Heroes?

Well, I’ve included three powerful freestanding golf hypnosis sessions to help you to:

  • Allow you to step into the shoes of your golfing heroes and learn from playing as they do. You’ll also learn a lot about they way they think and plan their shots and rounds of golf.
  • Identify and learn from the professional golfer within you. Noticing and isolating the great shots you can and do play and the positive ways you can and do think on the golf course.
  • Assemble your own personal Golf Hall of Fame and imagine what it would be like to ask them for their knowledgeable and honest advice and guidance to help you to play better golf.
Borrow a Skill from your Golfing Heroes – Hypnosis Session

The first hypnosis session is called Borrow a Skill from your Golfing Heroes. I’ve built this session around wonderful technique I learned from Richard Bandler, who co-founded NLP, and Paul McKenna, the famous hypnotist. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and then step into the shoes of your golfing heroes and experience what it’s like to think, play and act as they do. You’ll then have the opportunity to integrate the parts you want to keep into your own game and thinking on the golf course.

In my own first experience of this technique, I “stepped” into the shoes of Tiger Woods circa 2006, hoping to find out why he seemed so distant out on the golf course. Notice, I wasn’t interested in his swing, as Tiger is so much younger, lighter and fitter than I am. After all, I’m more interested in the psychological aspects of his amazing golfing abilities. So what did I “borrow” from Tiger Woods or learn about him? Well the experience was really illuminating and nothing like I had expected. By assuming Tiger’s persona, built by my unconscious mind from what I had seen of him on television and read about in books, articles and on the web, I realised that his apparent arrogance on the course was more a slightly hypnotic and patient embarrassment.

Unleash the Professional Golfer Within – Hypnosis Session

One of the wonderful things about the game of golf is that, whatever our level of ability, we can and often do hit really good shots and putts, occasionally. If you don’t believe me, just think about the lowest score you’ve ever had on each hole on your regular course. If you add all those together you’ll get your eclectic score, an indicator of how good your best shots and holes are. I’ll bet your eclectic score is something of an eye opener. How many shots below your handicap did you say?

So that should tell you that you have a lot of good shots within your capability and a lot that you can learn from your own golf. That’s why I’ve called this second hypnosis session, Unleash the Professional Golfer Within. In this session, you’ll explore and learn from all those great shots you can and do play and all the positive ways you can and do think on the golf course.

Your Personal Golf Hall of Fame – Hypnosis Session

What would it be like to sit down around a table with maybe one or even four or five of your all time golfing heroes? You could even assemble your own personal Golf Hall of Fame. Now imagine what it would be like to ask them for their knowledgeable and honest advice and guidance to help you to play better golf. That would be pretty cool, as some would say. Why not take it a step further and imagine that, even though you may never have met them, they somehow seem to know all about you and your golf.

Now that’s what the third hypnosis session, “Your Personal Golf Hall of Fame” is all about. In this session, you’ll choose one or more members of your personal Golf Hall of Fame to mentor you, advise you and generally help you to improve your golf.

Learn Better Golf
with your Golfing Heroes
MP3 Download

£29.99 (approx.$39.99)