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Eliminate Your Old Shanking Habit Forever – It’s the Last Straw

Four Potent Golf Hypnosis Techniques to Overcome the Shanks

As a golfer for over 40 years, I’ve met with more people who complain of the yips than almost every other golfing affliction I can think of. I’ve see and spoken to far more shankers than I have yippers. However, as a golf psychologist and golf hypnotist, it’s the other way round and I work with four times as many people to help them overcome the yips as I do to help eliminate their shanking habit.

So why is this? Well I can only come up with two explanations. The first is that people are more prepared to accept that their yips might be a problem in their mind. After all, very few people yip on the practice green, while many golfers can and occasionally do shank a whole series of shots on the range. What’s odd is that they often talk about the inconsistency with their swings as the reason for their shanking, but you have to be very consistent to hit the hosel ten times or more in a row. Someone just the other day told me that they went to the range and shanked 50 balls in the row and came out the next time and hit the ball perfectly. As he explained to me, once I hit one shank the rest were inevitable.

So is this just a problem for the club golfer? Well actually no, I’ve seen it happen to club golfers, top flight amateurs and world class professionals – I’ve even experienced it myself! It’s a fearful problem that’s in the back of the mind of an awful lot of golfers, and many don’t even want to hear the word shank! I love the description by CBS commentator Gary McCord when talking about shanking, “it’s an airborne virus” and “If you say it, you might catch it”. He went on to say, “Once you’ve done it, the next shot is always really interesting”. And there’s no psychological element in that reaction, now is there.

For many of us, there’s a real chance that just one shank is all it takes to start of an irrational fear that we can’t explain. It’s a bit like the way a phobia starts out. A lady I know well fell out of a boat into a lake when she was a child and was quickly rescued and, to her surprise, survived happily if rather wet to tell the tale. Ever since that time, whenever she sees a lake or a river or the sea, she unconsciously links it to that original experience and feels all the fear and emotion again. Not only does she feel bad when that happens, it also reinforces her fear of water and the cycle of fear escalates upwards.

Now doesn’t that sound like most people’s experience of shanking, even if they can’t actually consciously pinpoint the original traumatic event? They have one bad experience at a critical time and they start worrying about playing that shot again. That makes them feel worse, so they fear the next shot even more. You can see the same thing happening with people who struggle to hit shots over water, or have a hole or course they “just can’t play”. If you need any more proof, think about someone you know who shanks his shots from time to time. You’d think it was a life and death experience!

So what’s included in Overcome the Shanks?

Well, I’ve included three powerful freestanding golf hypnosis sessions that approach your problem from different angles, to help you to

  • Overcome your shanking problem as if it was a full blown phobia
  • Access so many embarrassing experiences of your old shanking habit that they become your final straw, exploding your old shanking habit
  • Unconsciously associate feelings of confidence and relaxation to every memory you ever had of shanking.

I’ve also included my favourite NLP anchoring technique, the “Circle of Excellence”, to give you something you can consciously do, out on the golf course, to help you Overcome the Shanks.

Coping with your Shanking Habit – Golf Hypnosis Session

The first hypnosis session in this programme is entitled “Coping with your Shanking Habit” and it treats your “fear” of shanking as if it had been a full blown Phobia, such as a fear of flying or public speaking. Treating it in that way allows you to rapidly learn to get over it and see your old shanking problem as something that used to happen to someone else – someone from your past. There’s a fun element too with you taking your seat in your own private grandstand on a wonderful golf course somewhere in your imagination. Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd, but your imagination knows no bounds. This is very powerful stuff.

No more Shanking, That’s the Last Straw! – Golf Hypnosis Session

There are some things we do in life that frankly seem ridiculous and embarrass us deeply. And shaking is one of them – certainly from my own hands-on experience! And to have a profound fear of something that’s in no way life threatening is simply unreasonable. If you kept doing something that silly and annoying, over and over, week in and week out, in other areas of your life, then pretty soon you’d lose your temper with yourself and big switch would turn off in your brain.

The “No more Shanking – That’s the Last Straw” hypnosis session helps you to do that with your old shanking problem. You’ll access a number of embarrassing and ridiculous experiences of your fear of shanking and play them back in your mind over and over until you say to yourself, very emphatically, words to the effect of, “That’s the Last Straw”, or perhaps something considerably worse.

Shank Free Golf – Hypnosis Session

I know this may seem odd, but the biggest problem with shanking is not the fact that you can shank a shot. What makes shanking so difficult is the anticipation, fear and anxiety that you might shank the shot you are about to make. I think you’ll agree that those negative emotions increase the likelihood of the thing you fear most actually happening.

This third golf hypnosis session, “Shank Free Golf”, helps you to unconsciously associate feelings of confidence and relaxation to every memory you ever had of your old shanking problem. As a result, you’ll remember that you used to have shank some shots, but without the damaging negative emotions.

Circle of Excellence NLP Technique

One of the great things about the three golf hypnosis sessions in this Overcome the Shanks programme is that they work primarily with your unconscious mind. That means that while they are doing their work and starting to deliver the results you are looking for, you are not consciously aware of actually doing anything different.

That’s why I’ve included this “Circle of Excellence” NLP technique to give you something you can consciously do, out on the golf course, to help you to eliminate your old shanking habit. Once you’ve built up a strong series of positive memories and resources into your imaginary “Circle of Excellence”, you’ll be consciously in control of using them to replace the negative emotions of fear and anxiety with positive and resourceful ones. And you can use this wherever and whenever you need to, out on the course.

And it works for other golfing problems as well

You won’t be surprised to hear me say that the Overcome the Shanks golf hypnosis programme is the ideal solution for anyone who’s suffering from shanking. However, the techniques also work well with any other unreasonable fears and blockages on the golf course, including getting over the water, getting out of bunkers, hitting long irons and playing those holes and courses we just “can’t seem to play”.

Overcome the Shanks
MP3 Download

£29.99 (approx.$39.99)