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Start playing Winning Golf without changing your swing

Discover the Golf Hypnosis Secrets of playing your best golf, even when you are not playing at your best!

When I go to watch, walk around with and sometimes caddy for my tournament professional clients, I am amazed at the level of technical skills, short game finesse and putting abilities of almost every one of the players out there. And I’m not just talking about the European Tour here, it’s the same at the third, fourth and fifth level tours. It’s the same at the big amateur competitions.

What surprises me most, however, is that despite all these competitors hitting the ball so well, the variation in scoring between the winners and the losers is sometimes quite surprising. I have watched players apparently having an off day technically, yet returning scores in the low 60’s, while their playing partners fail, despite their excellent ball striking.

I’m tempted to suggest that if an average club golfer was gifted with their technical skills and levels of fitness; they could be scoring in the sixties without even trying – by playing winning golf.

So what’s included in Winning Golf? I hear you ask

Well, I’ve written three separate and freestanding golf hypnosis recordings for you to use as often as you like to help you address the three main issues I encounter in this area of my work.

Playing to Win Hypnosis Track

The first golf hypnosis track in this programme is entitled Playing to Win and focuses on helping you to unconsciously discover the changes in your mental approach to golf that you would have to have made if you were to find yourself playing winning golf at some future event. Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd, but your unconscious undoubtedly already has all the resources and knowledge it needs to help you play the best golf you possibly can, it just needs some help to piece it all together.

Overcoming Barriers to Winning Hypnosis Track

Many golfers have psychological barriers that get in the way of their enjoyment and success when playing golf and that’s what Overcoming Barriers to Winning, the second golf hypnosis track in this Winning Golf programme is all about. I don’t know what your specific barriers may be, but the sort of things I am talking about here are about golfers who have specific holes or courses that they just don’t seem to play well. Or perhaps they have difficulties playing over water or hitting a particular club. For others it may be a particular playing partner or their apparent inability to close out a good round and win. Across the world of golfers, the list of barriers endless.

If you think you have more than one barrier to success, just run through this track over and over to gradually eliminate everything that gets in your way of your full enjoyment of golf, prevents you playing golf to the best of your abilities and winning.

Making the Most of Your Game Hypnosis Track

I’ve named the final hypnosis track in this Winning Golf hypnosis programme, Making the Most of Your Game. Perhaps I should have added the word today at the end because with so many variables in golf, our game often seems to change so much from day to day. Maybe that’s why golf is often called a game of if. How often do you hear golfers after the round saying things like: if only I hadn’t missed the green at the 14th, if only I hadn’t had that bad lie on the 10th, perhaps it was a bad bounce, or my personal favourite, if only I could play on the course like I do when I’m warming up on the practice tee. Often these are people who hit every shot on the practice tee with a fade and then try in vain to draw their first approach shot on the course. They probably try again on the next hole as well and when that still doesn’t work they start making changes to their swing – out there on the course!

How many of these golfing if’s are simply reasons, excuses and rationalisations for our bad decisions and our reluctance to accept that, as Bob Rotella say’s, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. Winning golfers accept what happens to them during a round and make the most of the game they brought with them today.

Why wasn’t this available 20 years ago?

Winning Golf is ideally suited to every level of golfer, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned tournament professional. I just wish something like this was available 20 years ago when I was an aspiring 2-handicap golfer. It would certainly have helped me to win more and give me the opportunity to make my fortune as a golf professional.

Winning Golf
MP3 Download

£29.99 (approx.$39.99)