Great news from Seve Ballesteros my golf hero


Yesterday was my birthday and one of the best presents I got was the news that Seve Ballesteros, one of my biggest golfing heroes, was talking positively about the future.

Seve in his prime was one of the best exponents of the game of golf and he brought a totally new meaning to the ideas of golf confidence and enjoyment when he played. Not only did he get such an obvious thrill from every one of his cavalier shots, but so did his fans and fellow competitors. His enthusiasm for the game was infectious. He followed the original concept of golf to the letter in hitting the ball with gay abandon, finding it and then hitting it again. Wherever it came to rest and however the ball lay, he just got on with the task in hand and without complaint. There’s a lesson for some of today’s prima donnas.

He also epitomised the idea of playing every shot in the moment before accepting the result and releasing it to its proper place in the past. It’s wonderful that he seems to have regained that wonderful carefree attitude in these difficult times. His regular reports on the progress of his fight to recover from a brain tumour confirm his ongoing cavalier attitude to life as well as golf. You can read his own reports on his progress at his official website –

Seve says he’s fit enough to take part in active sports like swimming, rowing and running and he also received a standing ovation on Sunday from the crowd at a football match when he went to watch Racing Santander play Almeria.

Here’s wishing Seve many more years of living life to the full and approaching everything he does with that special cavalier "In the Moment" style we all remember. Maybe he will bring that spark back to his golf one day.

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