Learn your new Golf Swing faster
– with Golf Hypnosis

Better Golf with Less Practice

The idea of using hypnosis as part of a swing coaching technique for golf is one of my pet projects. That’s partly because I meet so many golfers whose minds are full of swing thoughts that get in the way of their golfing enjoyment and their unconscious, instinctive abilities.

My second reason is that I believe that hypnosis and NLP can and should play a big part in the learning process for the golf swing. As I talk about in my “Better Golf with Less Practice” hypnosis programme, repetitions are key to ingraining swing changes, but only if they are good repetitions and there are thousands upon thousands of them. It pains me to think of all those balls I hit on the range in my 20’s in the hope of hitting a dozen shots the way I wanted to. What’s the point of all those bad repetitions?

I have a third reason, a personal one, and that’s to use these techniques to learn a new, more biomechanically correct swing. One that will protect my 61 year old body after more than 40 years of “trying” to swing like Jack Nicklaus did in his prime. Thankfully, my hips have survived better than his! The new swing I’m just starting to work on is called the RST swing from a guy called Chuck Quinton at

In his RST programme, Chuck is very heavily into a series of drills and “reps”, gradually building up the elements of the full swing. The problem is that you need to practice each of these drills serially and thousands of times. That takes many months. In addition, most of the early drills do not even involve swinging a club, let alone hitting a ball. So you have to be very dedicated and prepared to give up playing golf for a couple of months. I didn’t like that idea at all.

So my approach is to physically run through each drill consciously, until it looks and feels right. Immediately after that I sit down and listen to the “Practice Golf in Your Mind” hypnosis track from my “Better Golf with Less Practice” programme and do 1,200 perfect reps in my mind in the next 30 minutes using “Hypnotic Time”. If I repeat that daily for a couple of days, I’ve done over more than enough reps to internalise the drill. I’ll also build up many more layers of myelin on the new neural pathways than I would get from many months of less consistent practice.

There’s even a valid argument that says that, as long as I really understand and feel the drill internally, I probably don’t even need to do the physical bit at the beginning. Either way, the repetitions in your mind really will be flawless and identical – won’t they!

If you want to complete the reps even faster, then once you’ve used “Practice Golf in Your Mind” on a drill, you can use “Play Golf in Your Dreams”, the third hypnosis track in the “Better Golf with Less Practice” programme. That way, you’ll get even more perfect repetitions while you sleep.


  1. Stan says:

    Great post! I really appreciate your application of hypnosis to golf.

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