New Improved Finger Breathing MP3 for Self Hypnosis and Better Golf Psychology


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if by now you’ve noticed that self-hypnosis is a key part of my overall approach to golf mind improvement. In fact, many of the golf psychology techniques that I talk about in my articles start off with the words “If you’re familiar with a quick technique for taking yourself into self-hypnosis, then use it now.”

So today, I’m pleased to announce a new, improved and, very important this, free 12-minute MP3 audio version of a simple technique for taking yourself into a safe, light and relaxing trance. Using it will help you in getting the most out of the golf psychology ideas included in my other articles, newsletters and posts. You can also use this technique to calm and relax yourself at times of stress and anxiety, like taking an exam, meeting the boss, first-tee nerves or standing over an important shot on the golf course.

You can learn how to use the Finger Breathing self-hypnosis and relaxation technique by regularly following the “Seven Steps to Learning Finger Breathing” outlined on my ezine website. That page also includes download instructions for new and improved Finger Breathing MP3 recording.

As you’ll soon realise, this “Finger Breathing” technique does require a bit of imagination, but you must already be pretty imaginative if you’re looking to use golf psychology to improve your golf!


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