Nick Faldo and Making the Most of Your Game with Winning Golf Hypnosis MP3


Own the Putting GreenI had a very interesting question from a client the other day. As well as telling how much he was enjoying my Winning Golf hypnosis programme, he referred to a round of golf I mentioned in the introduction track. It was the time I played competitively with then young Nick Faldo and he asked me if I ever did figure out what made the difference between us that day.

Before I answer his question, here’s a bit of background to that round back in the 1970’s when I was regularly competing as an amateur in national events.

The Hertfordshire Stag, at Moor Park, was the premier open amateur competition in the county, and I was drawn to play with someone I’d never played with before and such was my focus, I didn’t take in his name, even when we exchanged scorecards. However, I was intrigued to be playing in front of a small gallery. That wasn’t something that normally happened to me.

Anyway, I felt I was playing well at the time and this was reflected in the fact that throughout both rounds, I seemed to strike the ball much better than my playing partner on every shot and putt. In fact, he commented on it a number of times. However, when we added up the scores at the end of each round, I was a couple of shots over par and back in the pack, while he was 3 or 4 shots under par and won the event, as I recall! I later found out more about Nick Faldo, my mystery playing partner, when he turned professional a couple of months later – the rest is history, as they say.

Looking back, what I remember most of all, is sitting in my car for a long time at the end of the day puzzling over how he was playing winning golf while I was playing better golf technically and coming nowhere near winning.

So how did I respond to my client’s question about the difference between Nick and me that day?

Well, you know, I never did work out what made the difference between us that day. It was a long time later that I got deeply into golf psychology, so the details of the shots he played aren’t that clear to me now. However, I suspect it was that he believed he could deliver on his intentions, while I was less sure of myself. Maybe it would have been different if I’d been listening back then to my favourite Winning Golf track, Make the Most of Your Game!

I think Nick’s attitude that day was very similar to that of Tiger Woods when he’s at his best. In the introduction track of my Own the Putting Green programme, I talk about that amazing horseshoe chip that Tiger Woods holed on the 16th at the Masters a few years ago. Even with all his talent, I’m sure he didn’t honestly expect to hole it, but I suspect that he did intend to and believed he could. That’s more than enough direction for the unconscious instinctive mind to work on, unhindered by doubt.

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