Overcome Fear – Confidently on the Golf Course


I’m delighted to announce the completion and launch of the fourth of my new golf hypnosis programmes, “Confident Golf – Free From Fear”. I’ve subtitled the new MP3 program, Overcome Fear – Confidently on the Golf Course, and it’s available to purchase now from the Golf Hypnotist Store. The new product comes hot on the heels of the recent successful launches of “Winning Golf”, “Overcome the Yips” and “Own the Putting Green”.

Confident Golf - Free From Fear The Confident Golf – Free From Fear golf hypnosis programme includes three long and powerful golf hypnosis sessions that address turning fear into confidence, learning how to play fear-free golf and experience the motivation to play confident golf every time you play and trust your unconscious mind.  The programme is available in MP3 format for download, with each session running for around 25-30 minutes. I developed these sessions on similar lines to the “Your Own Virtual Caddy” programme. You should already have downloaded that free after you signed up for the Golf Hypnotist Ezine. I have outlined the purpose of each track later in this email.

I will also be publishing a further 5 or 6 more new Golf Hypnosis audio programmes over the next couple of months. As with “Winning Golf”, “Overcome the Yips”, “Own the Putting Green” and “Confident Golf – Free From Fear”, I will be including 3, and in some cases, 4 new hypnosis tracks in each programme. Although the programme names may change a little before release, here is the full list I’m working on:

So what’s the “Confident Golf – Free From Fear” Golf Hypnosis Programme all about? 

Fear on the golf course can come in many shapes and sizes and it can result in a multitude of problems. Although you’re born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise, according to Richard Bandler the creator of NLP, everything else that makes us nervous, anxious and downright afraid we learn and build up throughout our life.

This applies just as much to our golfing lives. People can and often do experience fear, anxiety and nervousness over things that may embarrass them, upset them or distract them. Now, fear of anything has to be based on past experience, real or imagined, and its influence on the future. A player who’s afraid of getting a bad bounce or mishitting a particular he’s about to make, maybe shanking, yipping or hitting some other disastrous shot, is probably thinking about a similar shot he’s mishit in the past. It doesn’t even have to be a bad shot he’s actually hit himself, it could be one he’s imagined or seen someone else play. If you see a playing partner shank a shot, even if you’ve never hit one before yourself, you can start worrying about the possibility that you might hits a shank yourself. Many people are more nervous about holing a three foot putt after the see someone else miss one of a similar length.

And what’s included in Confident Golf – Free From Fear I hear you ask? 

Well, I’ve included three long and powerful freestanding golf hypnosis sessions to help you to turn your fears into golfing confidence, to allow you to play fear free golf and to build an unconscious process to motivate you through your fears to play confident golf automatically.

Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence – given the title, you won’t be surprised to hear that I designed the “Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence” hypnosis session to build you a powerful resource of calm, quiet confidence to help you to turn any fear, anxiety or nervousness into confidence on the golf course.

Fear-Free Golf – this second golf hypnosis track uses the power of your imagination to build an automatic, systematic and unconscious process to cycle through and eliminate all those old fears, nervousness and anxieties you’ve ever experienced, seen or imagined in your golfing past.

Motivation to Confident Golf – helps you to progressively build a library of powerful resources and experiences. Your unconscious mind then automatically calls on these resources whenever you are under pressure or experiencing one of your old fears. As a result you unconsciously turn your old fears into Motivation to Confident

Go to the Confident Golf – Free From Fear page at the Golf Hypnotist Store for more information about this exciting new golf hypnosis programme and the other products in the series. You can buy Confident Golf – Free From Fear there for instant download and have the opportunity to Overcome Fear – Confidently on the Golf Course.

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