Positive self talk for better golf psychology and enjoyment


Here’s a brief video with some interesting thoughts on golf psychology of self talk and how it can affect your golf by Dave Stockton. I found it last week when I was looking to find out more about Dave and the putting tip he gave Phil Mickelson the week before his amazing win the Tour Championship at East Lake

I particularly like the concept of sitting in your office or at home rehearsing all the unpleasant things you’re going to say to yourself when you’re out on the golf course. If that sounds utterly ridiculous, then why do so many of us talk to ourselves so badly when we hit a bad shot? If one of our playing partners said the same thing, we’d probable decide then and there not to ever play with them again.

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So praise yourself for every good shot you hit and learn from and release any bad shot before you start getting abusive. You’ll enjoy your golf more and play better.


  1. Andrew Fogg says:

    Hi Daryl,

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  2. Do any of you guys have any information about how to be a better golfer. I know it should focus on the short game. To where we only hit a pitch n putt. Instead of where it goes “pitch, pitch, chunk, scull, putt, putt.” That seems to be what I am doing. Thanks guys.

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