I’ve collected a range of golf psychology resources together to fascinate you and enhance your interest, knowledge and understanding of Golf Hypnosis. Some of the information is drawn from the articles and posts on this website. In addition, I have included material from my recently published book, “The Secrets of Hypnotic Golf” and Golf Hypnosis audio products.

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You’ll find a range of really interesting golf-related psychology, hypnosis and NLP articles and posts at my Golf Articles page. For a wider interest extending beyond golf into sports and general psychology, then have a look at my Blog page and the related categories.

Some of the articles are only available for a short time as they are often destined to form part of a future book or hypnosis audio programme. Be sure to have a good look at anything that interests you and, if you like, print it out using the “Print This Page” option at the bottom of every article and post.

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Do you have any questions about Hypnosis?

When they first come to me, many of my clients are slightly wary of hypnosis. They’ve heard all the myths and misconceptions peddled by the media and the stories of people doing strange things in stage-hypnosis shows. They soon learn that Hypnosis is an entirely natural and common phenomenon.

If you have any specific questions about Golf Hypnosis then visit the Golf Hypnosis FAQs page. For a more general and thorough explanation, listen to my Introduction to Golf Hypnosis audio recording on the same page.

There’s a hard copy version of my Introduction to Golf Hypnosis, if you’d prefer it.

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