The Golf Hypnotist is on holiday applying golf psychology to his own golf game


Well hello to anyone visiting my blog over the next two weeks while I’m on holiday taking a rest and maybe actually applying golf psychology to my own game rather than talking and writing about it. Having said that, I’ll still be checking my email regularly, so keep those questions coming.

If you need some golf mind help while I’m away then remember there’s lots of interesting material here on the website and in the golf articles section under the resources tab. You will also benefit from listening to my "Your Own Virtual Caddy" golf hypnosis programme that’s available free when you subscribe to my Golf Hypnotist Ezine.

Finally, if all else fails, just watch and listen to this soothing and relaxing video, full of positive suggestions for your golf, from one of my mental game colleagues in the US. And yes, I know that it flashes up their website address half-way through – I’m not afraid of competition, am I now!

YouTube Preview Image

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