The UK’s Leading Golf Hypnosis Expert and the Yips?


Well that’s the opinion of two senior marketing executives who’ve been telling the golf industry about my success as the Golf Hypnotist. I think they may be a bit over zealous in describing me as, “the UK’s leading golf hypnosis expert”. How do you measure that? However, they are clearly impressed with the help I gave them in overcoming their Yips problems.

Here’s what GOLFMagic had to say in the Instruction Articles section of their website under a dramatic headline and a rather worrying sub-heading! There’s a similar article on the website.

Hypnotist offers solution to dreaded yips
Go “under the knife” to solve your wedge game

It goes by many names, although the most literal term itself sends shivers down our spines.

Twitches, staggers, jitters and jerks are enough to make the palms sweaty, but the one that gives us sleepless nights is the yips.

How often does it happen? One week you’ll be pulling off shots like that Tom Watson effort at the 1982 US Open, the next you’re using your wedge as a gardening tool. And that is generally the form that sticks. Suddenly you’ve forgotten what it’s like to hit the dancefloor and the 56 stays in the bag gathering rust.

So why not try something a bit different? Andrew Fogg (pictured below) is the UK’s leading golf hypnosis expert, and is offering golfers a real, permanent solution to this dreaded golfing conundrum.

Every year, thousands of golfers sift through hordes of instruction articles searching, praying and pleading for a cure. Inevitably, the problem persists as no amount of tuition; comfort of grip or shaft length can ever heal the mental scarring caused by the yips.

Instead, there’s a real solution that a growing number of golfers in the UK can vouch for. And that’s a visit to The Golf Hypnotist, who has worked with everyone from high-handicap amateurs to Tour professionals.

Several individuals within the industry have visited Mr Fogg, usually following a torrid few months with the chipping yips, and since their session have confirmed their short game has improved no end.

“I honestly can’t believe how much my short game has improved in such a short period of time,” admitted one golf industry figure and student of Mr Fogg. “Like most people, I guess I was a little sceptical at first but I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone now.”

An hour-and-a-half long session with Mr Fogg costs £100, including a follow-up. For more information, visit

You can find out about all my Golf Hypnosis Programmes, including “Overcome the Yips“, for putting, chipping and wedge play, at the Golf Hypnotist Store.


  1. Andrew Fogg says:

    Hi Giles,

    Falling asleep while listening to Your Own Virtual Caddy and my other golf hypnosis recordings is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it’s what I prefer a client to do when listening to these hypnosis sessions. The sense of “falling asleep” while listening to the recording is a positive sign that I have succeeded in bypassing your conscious attention. Most of my clients experience something similar and many even prefer listening to a session before falling asleep at night. They may “wake up” briefly when they hear me count up from 1 to 5 at the end and then fall asleep again.

    My whole objective with the recording is to bypass the analytical and sometimes questioning conscious mind so that I can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. I also want the unconscious mind to have the freedom to integrate new ideas and suggestions without conscious distraction. That can often lead to a strong sense of deep relaxation and detachment – a feeling of falling asleep.

    This means that it’s not that important to consciously take in or remember my words in the recording. In fact, its better not to and I find that people who “try” to remember the words I say in a hypnosis session often take longer to achieve the results they are looking for.

    With my best regards,


  2. Giles Scott says:

    Is it OK to fall asleep during hypnosis?

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