Your Golf Hypnosis Experience
Listening while You are Sleeping


Can you now guess what the second most common question about the Golf Hypnosis experience is? Well, it’s about the difference between sleep and trance and it tends to get expressed as, “how do I keep listening to the hypnosis session when I keep falling asleep?”

Dreamy Golf Hypnosis
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Well let me start by saying that falling asleep while listening to Your Own Virtual Caddy and my other golf hypnosis recordings is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it’s what I want client’s to do when listening to these hypnosis sessions. Any sense of “falling asleep” while listening to the recording is a positive sign that I have succeeded in bypassing your conscious attention. Most of my clients experience something similar and some even prefer listening to a session before falling asleep at night. They may “wake up” briefly when they hear me count up from 1 to 5 at the end and then fall into an even better sleep.

My whole objective with the recording is to bypass the analytical and sometimes questioning conscious mind so that I can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. I also want the unconscious mind to have the freedom to integrate new ideas and suggestions without conscious distraction and interference. That can often lead to a strong sense of deep relaxation and detachment – a feeling like falling asleep.

This means that it’s not that important to consciously take in or remember my words in the recording. In fact, its better not to and I find that people who “try” to remember the words I say in a hypnosis session often take longer to achieve the results they are looking for.

So when you’re listening to one of my Golf Hypnosis recordings, simply focus on the background music and let my words just wash over you without any conscious though about what those words are actually saying.

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