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not just Your Own Virtual Caddy


Can you guess what the number one question about the Golf Hypnosis experience is? Well, if you’re asking the hundreds of people who’ve downloaded my free “Your Own Virtual Caddy” golf hypnosis audio programme, then the answer can be summarised as, “how do I know I’m in hypnosis?”

Well, people experience trance very differently and for some people it’s simply a light feeling of detachment; whereas for others it’s more akin to a deep sleep. Either way, the experience of trance is generally both relaxing and an opportunity to allow the unconscious mind to learn and find new more flexible ways of doing things.

Visualisation Skills for Golf

My own experience of hypnosis was initially disappointing as I had always expected I’d experience an almost unconscious state – whatever I meant by that. In fact, I felt a wonderful sense of relaxed detachment. Having said that, I was still vaguely aware of what was going on around me. However, I was strangely unconcerned about it and not really consciously following the words of the hypnotist.

My first “formal” hypnotic trance happened during a break-out exercise during a course module run by Paul McKenna. There were around 40 highly trained assistants rushing around and helping the 400 students who were all “trying” out hypnosis, many for the first time. We were split up into groups of 3 – a hypnotist, a subject and an observer. As the first subject, I was sitting cross-legged on a conference chair, listening quietly and in a detached way to the hypnotist and wondering whether “this was it”. Then one of the assistants rushed past and brushed my crossed leg off my knee, where it was resting. My foot suddenly banged down onto the floor and I remember thinking quietly to myself, “that’s odd”. However, I didn’t feel the need to move or react in any way and I just continued listening to the hypnotist’s words in the same relaxed way.

So when you’re listening to one of my Golf Hypnosis recordings, I wouldn’t be too concerned about whether or not you think you are hypnotised. Just focus on listening to the music in the background and let my words just wash over you without any concern about what I am saying. The important messages are for your unconscious not your conscious mind. If you’re consciously aware of my actual words in the recording, and its best if you’re not, then you may feel a bit sceptical. However, after a few days or weeks you’ll just begin to notice that things are changing for you – in ways that will surprise and delight you.

Even if you’re a bit sceptical, I suggest you continue listening to the recording daily for at least a couple of weeks. Then, when you’re out on the golf course, just allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised at the changes that are happening in your game, rather than “trying” to take it to the course consciously.

There’s more than just “Your Own Virtual Caddy”, you know

My new Golf Hypnosis Audio Programmes are going down really well with my clients and I’m getting lots of positive feedback from people using them, including two competitors in the Senior Open Championships at Walton heath.

I’ve recorded each programme to address a specific area for improvement in your golf game and it’s up to you to pick and choose the one you need now. Each programme includes three different 20-30 minute hypnosis sessions, each along the same lines as Your Own Virtual Caddy, to address your issue in a number of different ways. I generally advise clients to maybe listen to all the tracks in a programme once over the first few days and then pick the one they feel most resonates with their needs and listen to that one daily for a few weeks or until they start noticing change. They can then move onto the other parts of the programme as needed.

The programmes are available now from the Golf Hypnotist Store and include:

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